The Vision

Yercaud Dental Clinic was conceived as an outreach program to the lesser privileged of those living in the Shevroy Hills.

From the very onset the family and friends of Dr.Sam have shared his vision of the clinic and its facilities being used for evangelistic purposes. Dr.Sam’s parents Mrs and Dr.Pushparaj have been behind every effort and step providing valuable inputs timely interventions when required. Their valuable prayers and efforts over the years, has borne the result.

In fact, the clinic itself which is a result of prayer became a reality when a couple of doctors along with Dr.Sam decided to convert their dreams to reality. Though only Dr.Sam remains from the initial group, nine years down the line, their vision still bears testimony in the Shevroys and spread to Salem and beyond.

A part of the clinic’s income is regularly spent supporting the tribal missions, children’s homes and other outreach programs. Regular awareness and treatment camps are conducted to help those who cannot afford it. The clinic and its campus are also used for regular fellowship meetings.

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